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altThis was a night to remember!  Bubba had a great time when he re-opened the Grand Ole Opry after the big flood in May of 2010.  Making the evening more memorable, Bubba brought along a bus load of his best fans/friends so they could also enjoy the special night!

altBubba recently did a television taping to celebrate this year's Mardi Gras.  Just thought we'd share this fun photo~~

Another "you can't make this stuff up" moment when we heard the news from Bubba....  "Hey guys this is funny, I made it to #2 Bubba on Wikipedia, right behind Bill Clinton, look at all the Bubba's both people, animals, books and film...unreal...T. Bubba Bechtol  

You know you have arrived when you are the #2 Bubba on Wikipedia! 


 (February 2010)
In American usage, bubba is a relationship nickname formed from brother and given to boys, especially eldest male siblings, to indicate their role in a family. For some boys and men, bubba is used so pervasively that it replaces the given name. The nickname may also be used outside the family by friends as a term of affection..

Because of its association with the southern part of the United States, bubba is also often used outside the South as a pejorative to mean a person of low economic status and limited education. Bubba may also be taken to mean one who is a "good ol' boy." In the US Army and Marines, bubba can mean a lay soldier, similar to grunt but with connotations of endearment instead of derision (e.g., "Can you make that device easier to work with, 'cus every bubba is gonna have to use it.").

            This sign is hanging in my Brother in Laws Bathroom at a Concrete Plant in Mississippi!




Bubba takes a cruise in his buddy Ron Magee's car @ the NW Florida Redneck parade!

WHAT?  Bubba has just gone high tech with his new website and social network communities!  Welcome to Bubba's new home on the world wide web!  Come on in, take a look around and check out all the cool new stuff including Bubba's new store which is open 24/7 and the elves are still shipping this week for those last minute Christmas gifts. 


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